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Anselm Kiefer in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi

From 22 March to 21 July 2024

Anselm Kiefer Firenze Palazzo Strozzi

Anselm Kiefer. Fallen angels: From 22 March to 21 July 2024, Palazzo Strozzi in Florence presents a new exhibition dedicated to contemporary art.

Anselm Kiefer’s masterpieces and latest creations are on their way to Florence

On 22 March, just a 10-minute walk from the Residence Hilda, Florence’s Palazzo Strozzi will open its doors to an extraordinary exhibition dedicated to one of the masters of contemporary art: Anselm Kiefer. Famous for his impressive works exploring the themes of existence, memory, war, and myth through painting, sculpture, and artistic installations, the artist will present the public with a unique journey that embraces historical pieces as well as new creations, in an original dialogue with the Renaissance architecture of Palazzo Strozzi.

The Anselm Kiefer exhibition in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi

The Anselm Kiefer exhibition, curated by Arturo Galansino, General Director of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation in Florence, offers an in-depth look at the complexity of Kiefer’s art and celebrates the fusion of figure and abstraction, nature and artificiality, creation and destruction.

Historic masterpieces and new creations will be exhibited. This journey will offer visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the art of one of the greatest living masters. Finally, a monumental site-specific work, showing the angels as they are expelled from paradise after their rebellion against God, will be installed in the Renaissance courtyard of the Palace.

This exhibition promises to be an exceptional journey through allegories, forms and figures that Anselm Kiefer has drawn from history, literature, and philosophy, as is typical of his artistic research.

Anselm Kiefer in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi

Born in 1945 in Donaueschingen, Germany, Anselm Kiefer has established himself as one of the most important and versatile artists of our time. The exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence represents a unique opportunity to explore Kiefer’s rich artistic philosophy, which spans myth, religion, mysticism, poetry, and philosophy.

Join us for this unique experience of Anselm Kiefer’s art at Palazzo Strozzi

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Foto credit: Georges Poncet 

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