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Estate Fiorentina 2023

From 21 June to 21 September

Estate fiorentina 2023

Estate Fiorentina 2023 has begun! Plenty of events are scheduled for everyone to enjoy the historic city center with shows, exhibitions, and music.

For the summer of 2023, the historic city center of Florence once again sets a wonderful stage for events spreading across the squares, streets, gardens, and villas. Indeed there are 15 summer festivals taking place that feature music, cultural debates, art exhibitions, tours to discover the city, literary festivals, and talk shows.

Guests in Florence are spoiled for choice and we recommend that you ask our concierge for the updated program for Estate Fiorentina 2023. Residence Hilda is located in the heart of the historic center of Florence, from which you can easily reach the summer events.

Selected events for Estate Fiorentina 2023

Top events that shouldn’t be missed definitely include “Firenze dall’alto” (Florence from above), a series of evenings that tell the story of Florence from an unusual perspective, from the rooftops and terraces of its buildings, in the enchanting setting of the sunset.

  • On 3 August, the terrace of Caffè del Verone recounts the story of the Istituto degli Innocenti, which is just a two-minute walk from us.
  • A walk up the Arcetri hill to the terrace of the Astrophysical Observatory is scheduled for 24 August.
  • Paolo Crepet will be on the terrace of Villa Bardini on 31 August to present the book Lezioni di Sogni.

For lovers of classical music, the Bolero and Carmina Burana is a must-see, scheduled for 3 August in the evocative setting of the Roman Theater in Fiesole.

For lovers of contemporary art, Estate Fiorentina 2023 is an opportunity to visit the new exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi entitled “Yan Pei-Ming. Painter of stories”. This is the largest exhibition ever organized in Italy in dedication to the French-Chinese artist.

We look forward to seeing you in Florence for the August events scheduled for Estate Fiorentina 2023!

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