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Recommended Events in Florence

26 October 2022 to 07 January 2023

Christmas is coming to Florence!

The lights, the scent of roasted chestnuts, the markets: the Christmas atmosphere is even more magical in the Renaissance setting of Florence. Discover all the traditional Christmas events, they're almost here!
01 October 2022 to 31 January 2023

Exhibitions in Florence autumn winter 2022

The 2022 October exhibitions prove that Florence is the capital of contemporary art.

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Florence

Just 3 minutes walk from Residence Hilda and you can reach and visit a unique museum in Florence: the Leonardo da Vinci Museum, in Via dei Servi 66, entirely dedicated to the genius of Leonardo...

List of Free Museums in Florence

All State Museums in Italy are visitable for free on the first Sunday of every month, according to the Italian law. We are glad to provide all our guests with the list of free Museums in Florence, and their distances from our Residence Hilda

The Horne Museum in Florence Center

Herbert Percy Horne was an English Art Scholar who lived in Florence most of his life between the end of 1800 and the first years of 1900. His house in Florence in via de'Benci 6, near Santa Croce Square, became a museum afer his death...

The Museum of 1900 in Florence

Inaugurated in 2014 inside the ancient 'Spedale delle Leopoldine' in Santa Maria Novella Square, the 'Museo del Novecento' (Museum of 1900) enriched Florence with an extra jewel.

Calcio Storico Fiorentino in Santa Croce Square

Every year in the month of June Florence relives an important piece of its history. There are in fact the semi-finals and the final of the Calcio Storico Fiorentino (Historical Florence Football), a sporting discipline in costume that dates back to the 16th century and to which many attribute the origins of modern sports such as Football, Soccer, Rugby, and even Wretsling...

The San Marco Museum in Florence

A few minutes walk from our Residence Hilda in Florence there is San Marco Square, with its National Museum of San Marco, located in the monumental part of an ancient Dominican convent.

The Zeffirelli Center for Performing Arts in Florence

A new gem for Florence a 10-minute walk from Residence Hilda, the International Center for the Performing Arts Franco Zeffirelli...

The Oltrarno Gardens in Florence

Residence Hilda presents a historical and naturalistic tour through the stunning gardens and parks of Oltrarno district.

Annigoni Museum and Villa Bardini Florence

The Pietro Annigoni Museum is located at the beautiful Villa Bardini, surely one of the most stunning spots in Florence thanks to the near Bardini Garden too.

Reopening of Museo degli Innocenti

The Museo degli Innocenti reopens to the public (from June 2016) completely restored.