Easter in Florence

13 March 2020 to 12 April 2020

This year, Easter will be a bit different in Florence. It’s unlikely any of the traditional events will take place, but we’re happy to tell you about our Florentine Easter anyway, and hope to see you soon.

Easter is one of the best times to visit the city, thanks to the longer days and pleasant temperatures, giving Florence a sparkling atmosphere. It’s the perfect setting for the Scoppio del Carro, an ancient tradition held on Easter Sunday in front of the Duomo, just a stone's throw from Residence Hilda.

This “Exploding Chariot”, is actually a large container of fireworks placed on a cart pulled by oxen, adorned with garlands of flowers. It arrives in front of the Cathedral around 11 am, after crossing the city center accompanied by a historical procession with the authorities and traditional flag-throwers.

Here the Sbrindellone, as the cart is called by local Florentines, is set on fire by a dove-shaped rocket that travels to the cart along a cable after being lit by the bishop of Florence during the celebration of Holy Mass inside the Cathedral.

The spectacular burst of fireworks enchants both the Florentines and visitors. Tradition also says that if the Sbrindellone lights easily and the fireworks go off successfully then it will bring good luck to Florence!