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Florence Teatro Verdi: upcoming events

01 October 2019 to 01 December 2020

The upcoming events at the Florence theater, Teatro Verdi.

Teatro Verdi is the historic theater of Florence, active since its inauguration in 1854, and offering a program full of music, ballet, concerts, and performances that range from classical to contemporary, from pop to rock and jazz. A multi-faceted offering of quality entertainment that attracts thousands of spectators every year. For your vacation in Florence, we highly recommend checking out one of the upcoming events at the Teatro Verdi.

Fans of pop music will enjoy concerts with Francesco Renga, Fiorella Mannoia, Vinicio Capossela, Irene Grandi, and Paola Turci.

Jazz will be represented by Stefano Bollani and Alberto Urso.

Among the major international events, you can’t miss Jethro Tull, in Florence on 5 November for their tour celebrating 50 years of music.

Classical music takes the spotlight with ORT, the Orchestra of Tuscany, while classical dance brings us Cinderella and the Nutcracker.

From 19 to 24 November, Momix will perform “Alice”, the new show by the Moses Pendleton company, on stage at the Teatro Verdi in Florence.

Luciano Ligabue's musical, “Let's Dance on the World”, takes the stage on 21-22 December.

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