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Fort Belvedere Florence

05 July 2019 to 10 November 2019

Fort Belvedere Florence

Fort Belvedere in Florence has once again reopened for the summer. The fortress, built at the end of the 16th century by the Medici, has dominated the Boboli hill for five hundred years. Its structure is perfectly integrated into the urban landscape and offers a wonderful view, a must-see on any Florence holiday between July and October (the Fort is only open during the summer months).

In addition to enjoying an extraordinary panorama, visitors to Fort Belvedere will have the opportunity to enter the fortress and peruse the contemporary art exhibitions that have taken up residence throughout the fort and its terraces since 2013, attracting over 700 thousand people.

In 2019 there are actually two art shows, which can be visited thanks to a single admission ticket that covers a visit to the Belvedere Fort as well as its exhibitions. Visitors simply can’t pass up this opportunity to witness the giant bronze animals by sculptor Davide Rivalta, protagonists of the "My Land" exhibition. Eagles, buffaloes, rhinos, and wolves roam undisturbed in the evocative setting of the Belvedere terraces, while gigantic photographs of architecture and atmosphere by Massimo Listri occupy the cool rooms of the Fort for the exhibition "A perfect day".

Just to warn you though, reaching Fort Belvedere involves quite a climb! Buses C1 and 24 stop at Ponte alle Grazie, and then you must continue on foot.