Gardens to see in Florence | Residence Hilda Firenze

Gardens to see in Florence

01 March 2021 to 31 May 2021

The gardens to see in Florence are among the most popular springtime destinations, ideal for taking walks in the open air surrounded by centuries of history and art.

The Rose Garden is one of a kind and contains more than 1000 botanical varieties of roses, including 350 Antique Roses. It is located in Oltrarno, the district beyond Ponte Vecchio, and very close to Piazzale Michelangelo. Paths and meadows with fragrant flowerbeds gently descend from the top of the hill towards the Arno, in a succession of fairytale views of Florence. Designed in 1865, it was enriched in 1998 with the Japanese Shorai oasis, donated by the architect Yasuo Kitayamae. In 2011 it was further adorned with 12 statues by the Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon, donated by the sculptor's wife.

The Iris Garden is a 5-minute walk from the Rose Garden, on the other side of Piazzale Michelangelo, and can't be missed among the gardens to see in Florence. It is only open from 25 April to 20 May of each year, when more than 1500 varieties of irises are at the height of flowering. There are also extraordinary aquatic species housed in the pond, including the precious "Louisiana" Japanese iris. The garden was created in 1954 in honor of the symbolic flower of Florence, the Iris (not a lily, as is often believed).

Take a 10-minute walk down towards the Arno to the Third Garden. It is the most modern of the gardens to see in Florence, thanks to the recent redevelopment of the Lungarno Serristori, which has transformed the area into a pleasant multifunctional garden that also includes an actual beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, a complete summer experience in the city.