Natalia Goncharova Florence | Residence Hilda Firenze

Natalia Goncharova in Florence for the first time

09 September 2019 to 20 February 2020

Natalia Goncharova (Negaevo, Tula, 1881 - Paris, 1962), famous Russian artist of the 20th century and protagonist of the exhibition “Natalia Goncharova. A Woman of the Avant-garde with Gauguin, Matisse, and Picasso” which Palazzo Strozzi has dedicated to the artistic avant-gardes of the 20th century. Through the 130 works on display, the exhibition illustrates the artistic movements of which Natalia Goncharova was a leading character, comparing her paintings with those of her contemporaries Cezanne, Boccioni, Chagall, Gauguin, Matisse, and Picasso, in a dialogue of analogies and differences that highlight the extraordinary personality of Goncharova.

Florence and Palazzo Strozzi pay tribute to this courageous and nonconformist woman, who dedicated her life not only to painting but also to theater, fashion, and design. In fact, she was a set designer, scriptwriter, and theater performer at a time when women usually lived on the margins of society. In her art, Goncharova combines 19th-century Russian folk and religious tradition with the art and innovation of the Western world in a unique and highly personal artistic language.

Created together with the London Tate Modern and in collaboration with the Helsinki Ateneum Art Museum, the exhibition hosts pieces from important foundations and museums such as the St. Petersburg State Russian Museum and London’s Tate Modern and National Gallery.

Residence Hilda is a 13-minute walk from Palazzo Strozzi.