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Uffizi 2020

09 January 2020 to 31 December 2020

The Uffizi, a nearby attraction from your apartment at Residence Hilda, is inaugurating the year 2020 with two new exhibitions dedicated to the Renaissance, investigating minor aspects of art (such as the production of applied art and wooden ceilings). That are no less important in the reconstruction and appreciation of art history, allowing you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere that transports you to 15th and 16th century Florence. 

The exhibition "Pietro Aretino and the Art of the Renaissance" is set up in the new Uffizi Magliabechiana Hall and has collected a hundred paintings, sculptures, tapestries, miniatures, printed books, and objects that evoke the world of one of the greatest 16th-century intellectuals, Pietro Aretino. Poet, playwright, satirist, and artistic talent scout, Pietro Aretino is a central figure of the Italian Renaissance. Famous for his lustful "Sonnets", he is less known as a fine art critic, a role he adopted thanks to his friendship with the great masters of the 16th century, including Raphael, Titian, and Parmigianino, whom he frequented regularly and even portrayed him in famous paintings that can still be admired on display.

The exhibition "Heaven in a Room. Wooden ceilings in Renaissance Florence and Rome", invites you to raise your eyes to the Heavens (as the wooden decorations are called) to appreciate the art and technique of Renaissance ceilings. The tradition of wooden ceilings has been known since Roman times, and a very rare wooden lacunar opens the exhibition, recently discovered in the archaeological excavations of Herculaneum and exposed to the public for the first time. This art form continued over the centuries, becoming an integral part of design for artists and architects. The largest collection of these illustrated plans have been gathered at the Uffizi, and have now been put on display together with drawings from the Louvre and other important Italian and European museums.

Uffizi Firenze