Uffizi Florence Gormley: Exhibition at the Uffizi Galleries | Residence Hilda

The Uffizi and Gormley

26 February 2019 to 26 June 2019

The Uffizi galleries open up to contemporary art with the exhibition “Antony Gormley. Essere” (being), open until May 26th. In the Magliabechiana room, the new and wide space at the ground floor of the Uffizi Galleries, the British artist Antony Gormley presents fifteen sculptures of various sizes and materials, in harmonious dialogue with the historical spaces of the museum.

Gormley's works, the result of research on the relationship between man and space, explore the concept of a body in space and of the body as space. Some of the sculptures are site-specific, conceived and realized by Gormley for the Uffizi Galleries. Among them is the statue of a man on the terrace of the Uffizi, which can be seen from the whole Signoria square, while the core of the exhibition are the great “Passage”, a twelve-meter tunnel, and “Room”. The two works were realized at 35 years of distance from one another, but the main theme is the same.

The exhibition, which was curated by the director of the Uffizi, Eike Schmidt, together with Gormley himself, aims at creating a constructive dialogue between contemporary art and the Renaissance. That same dialogue started many years ago thanks to the research program led by Schmidt himself.

Uffizi Gormley