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Verrocchio Florence

09 March 2019 to 14 July 2019

“Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo”, is the name of the exhibition that will open at Palazzo Strozzi on March 9th. It will celebrate the 13th-century artist who taught, among others, to Leonardo Da Vinci. The exhibition is part of the events scheduled in 2019 for the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo, the genius that revolutionized the history of art and of science.

Verrocchio's exhibition in Florence is the first retrospective that's entirely dedicated to Andrea del Verrocchio and his circle of contemporaries and students, among whom is the young Leonardo.

There will be 120 works on display – paintings, drawings and sculptures –, of which six are by Leonardo and three will be displayed for the first time in Italy. It's a unique occasion to learn about how Leonardo's art began and where he got his first inspiration.

Among the works displayed for the very first time there are the “Madonna and Child” and “Madonna and Child and Angels”, normally on display at Berlin's Gemäldegalerie and London's National Gallery respectively. Other works include the David and the “Child with Dolphin”, sublime sculptures from the Museums of Bargello and of Palazzo Vecchio. These are wonderful masterpieces which show the incredible skills of Verrocchio in painting, sculpture and jewelry.

Such beauty will remain on display until July 14th!

Verrocchio in Florence