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The Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Florence

The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Florence

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Florence

Just 3 minutes walk from Residence Hilda and you can reach and visit a unique museum in Florence: the Leonardo da Vinci Museum, in Via dei Servi 66, entirely dedicated to the genius of Leonardo.

“Scientist before science existed”, “technician before technology existed”, Leonardo was not only one of the best artists of the Renaissance as well as one of the greatest painters ever, he was an incredible inventor, still regarded today as a precursor of our times. Inside the museum there are many reproductions of Leonardo‘s inventions. Machinery, weapons, wall and table clocks, paddle boats, irrigation systems: some inventions can be tested and put into operation directly by the visitors.

You can also visit the Anatomy Room (dedicated to Leonardo’s studies on the human body) and the Room of Paintings (multimedia trip obviously dedicated to the history of Leonardo’s most famous paintings and frescoes).

Residence Hilda recommends to all guests a visit to the nearby Leonardo da Vinci Museum, particularly suitable for families with chlidren on holiday in Florence.

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