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Residence Firenze Santa Maria Novella are the keywords to find this holiday apartment in the center of Florence. Santa Maria Novella is, in fact, one of the main squares of the city. It takes its name from the big cathedral, whose facade, by Leon Battista Alberti, is the masterpiece of the Florentine Renaissance.

Many people just visit Santa Maria Novella square, skipping the church: they don’t know what they’re missing. We advice you go inside, and have a look at the wonderful paintings by Giotto and Botticelli, at the big medieval cloister, which is even more beautiful and still holds a fascinating atmosphere, and at the famous frescoes by Paolo Uccello.

When you come out, you just have to take a picture in front of the cathedral and its two-color facade, typical of ancient Florentine architecture. You must know this by now: choosing Residence Firenze Santa Maria Novella means living a stone’s throw away from this wonder.  And there’s more: the residence is also a few minutes’ walk away from the railway station, and from shops and restaurants. Sounds good, right?

Residence Firenze Santa Maria Novella, and the apartments that are there, are right in the middle of Florence’s historical center, with its fascinating views and its world-unique crafts. You can find, for example, the prestigious Santa Maria Novella Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica (perfume and pharmaceutical workshop), which since 1612 has been producing elixirs and perfumes of the highest quality.

Their ancient workshops are open to visitors, who can look at the machinery and at the vases, and who most importantly can try their magical perfumes. That’s right, staying in Santa Maria Novella residence means living in the very heart of the authentic Florence, a must-have experience.

The staff of Residence Hilda waits for you with open arms. You will be our guest and we will offer you an enchanting stay in the heart of Florence.

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